This is an updated version of my 7DRL entry with some small fixes.

Overview - HitmanRL is a turn based game where you are tasked to infiltrate randomly generated compounds, take out your target and leave by any means necessary. The numbers are stacked against you: outnumbered and outgunned, you must rely on stealth and cunning to accomplish your objective.

Tips - When guards are alerted, they cannot be sneaked up on. Stay out of sight until the situation has calmed down. Do not feel pressured to act prematurely: your target is not going anywhere. Scout the area, know your exit routes and guard locations and come up with a plan to get your target in a favorable position.

Credits - This game makes use of Kenney's assets, many thanks for releasing such a versatile asset pack for free.

Development log


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Really interesting idea! I had a good time with this one, doing a bunch of runs trying to get better and better scores. I thought it was particularly interesting to learn how to do the "first" room without any "living witnesses", which taught me how to effectively go about the rest of the game.