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Story - You have just infiltrated a secure corporate network. Your source told you there would be enough information stored that would fetch you a hefty profit on the black market. She did, however, neglect to tell you that the company just invested in state of the art AI security routines. Never being one to walk away from a good challenge, you ready yourself for a fight.

Overview - TinyHack is a turn based game where you need to outmaneuver your enemies while keeping an eye on your downloads and hacks. Every few turns a new AI enters the network and a full network scan will alert the nearest enemy to your position. You have to stay mobile and prevent being boxed in.

The deeper you get, the higher the exit firewall becomes, so you will have to balance your time scoring points with the total time spent on the current level.

Tips - Enemies only scan their current subnet, so hide in a nearby subnet and wait for the AI to leave. Then again, you could also get scanned on purpose to lure them away from your goal.

Remember you can peek into nearby nodes to discover the layout and contents of an adjacent subnet. That will prevent you from running into hidden enemies.

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Very nice!

that is fun and fun

Really cool game. The aesthetic is perfect, I love the subnet coloring, and the gameplay itself is really interesting. I'd definitely play a full roguelike like this.

I really like this. Beautiful minimalist ASCII aesthetic, cool theme, and simple rules that lead to some really tense stealth gameplay.